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AmeriCan & Worldwide Travel are delighted to introduce a new Canadian partner 

Franklin and Frobisher Travel Service

Franklin and Frobisher specialize in arranging interesting and diverse holiday opportunities in the Canadian province of Ontario. These creative travel experiences have been carefully developed & crafted by a modern-day team of skilled researchers and explorers - living in the three regions which they call home. Some of these experiences are in remote locations, while some are easily reached by float plane rental car or transfer-vans, They all focus specifically on Lake Superior, Georgian Bay and the 1000 Islands in the St Lawrence River and give visitors an insight into a specific region and a chance to meet Canadians.

If you would like more information or prices about any of these unique packages in Ontario, and how you can combine them with other travel arrangements to Canada, please call us on (01892) 779900 or email

Train to the Arctic

This is one of those hidden gems of an adventure which takes a step back through history, to an era of European fortune seekers and fur traders, who had grand territorial ambitions and plans for Canada's north. The Train to the Arctic actually starts in downtown Toronto and winds its way north-west along the shore of fabled Georgian Bay and the Muskoka Lakes. After breaking your journey in Cochrane Ontario, which hosts the Polar Bear sanctuary and Heritage Village, next day you continue onboard the aptly named "Polar Bear Express" to the Arctic shores of James Bay and the community of Moosonee. However your northern journey is not over, until you enjoy the thrill of a freighter canoe ride, across to Moose Factory Island where you will stay for two nights in this historic trading center. The Train to the Arctic is a combination of two historic working railroads and a remote wilderness island retreat in a million acre game reserve. You will travel south on the fabled Algoma Central Railroad where (especially for you) the train will be "flagged down" to a complete stop and until your luggage has been transferred to a waiting boat for the trip to the wilderness retreat. Be sure to bring along your camera as this reserve is home to Black bears, Moose and Bald Eagles. After a remote wilderness experience with great comfort and food you will once more board the southbound ACR for Sault Ste Marie.

Self Guided Cycling Tours - 1000 Islands, Wineries, Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail

Duration: 8 nights accommodation, 8 days cycling, 9 days total
Operates weekly - Saturdays to Sundays or Sundays to Mondays
Starts and ends in Toronto
Accommodation based on small bed and breakfast establishments or small hotels
Daily luggage transfer available

This itinerary covers six distinct communities and four regions within Northumberland county, Prince Edward County, Kingston and the 1000 Islands, plus an opportunity to cycle the neighborhoods of multicultural Toronto. The program is fully packaged with rail connections, accommodation, top quality touring bicycle and luggage panniers.

Self Guided Cycling through Niagara's Greenbelt and Wineries

Duration: 7 nights accommodation, 7 days cycling, 8 days total
Operates weekly ~ starting on Saturdays, ending on Saturdays
Starts and ends in Toronto
Accommodation based on small bed and breakfast establishments or small hotels
Daily luggage transfer available

This itinerary covers five distinct communities within the Niagara Greenbelt, cycling past award winning wineries, along the fabled Welland Canal, through Niagara in the Lake and an opportunity to cycle the neighborhoods of multicultural Toronto

The Great Ontario Bear Safari (5 nights – 6 days)

Ontario has an abundance of moose and huge populations of deer and really smart, cunning Coyotes, but we have to admit that bring close to a wild bear is about as exciting as it gets. Seeing a huge bear forage for berries and watching their gentle dexterity is quite unbelievable for an animal of this size and power. They have seven times greater ability to pick up a scent than a bloodhound !

Bears are extraordinary animals with surprising agility, amazing stamina and quite territorial - all of which we planned for while structuring our bear safari. Getting close to a wild animal often takes careful planning on the part of the visitor. After all, the animals are in their natural habitat and they are not programmed to accommodate an interloper hoping to get a close up – mostly for a quick digital image.

Offering visitors good accommodation in the wild and we have solved that by supplying rustic chalets with all of the facilities and a small dining room on-site. Getting to where the bears are foraging was another challenge, but with some ingenuity and sourcing the right equipment we can do that by land and by water.

Our Great Ontario Bear Safari lasts for five days and is another mini-holiday component from Franklin & Frobisher. It starts with our meeting you in Thunder Bay and transporting you to our safari camp by chauffeured mini-van. As with most of our mini-holidays, we can fly you right onto the lake adjacent to the safari camp in one of our float planes. Takes about 20 minutes from Thunder Bay and the flight-seeing along the way is exceptional. Just ask us !

Kayak Expeditions
(Kayaking in the 1000 Islands-St Lawrence River-Gananoque River-Rideau Canal, The Mysterious Slate Islands of Lake Superior & Gargantua – Lake Superior Provincial Park)

Expedition kayaking is as close as one can possibly get to nature and the quintessential eco-vacation. Each of our Kayak expeditions is led by an experienced professional, who has had the benefit of considerable formal training and practical experience. All our Kayak leaders carry VHF radios. Each of our Kayak expeditions is fully catered, offering three meals a day, with the benefit of careful and interesting menu planning.

This expedition is accessed through the Lake Huron/Lake Superior town of Sault Ste Marie. We have included an overnight in "The Soo" and a transfer north to the expedition launch point at Batchawana Bay on Lake Superior. We launch at Gargantua harbour and paddle along the pristine shoreline to arrive at our base camp at Warp Bay – located on a long beach, which is itself located inside a deep bay of the Gargantua River. Lake Superior Provincial Park is rarely accessed from the water and paddlers will glide past The Devils Chair and Indian Harbour – arguably the most scenic part of this entire park region. There are hundreds of inlets, channels and small bays along this shore – hosting an abundance of wildlife which includes Woodland Caribou and Moose. The rock formations along this section are spectacular with names such as "The Devil's Warehouse" and "Ryan Point".

The Fly-in Wilderness Lodge

In close proximity to Wawa and Sault Ste Marie, along the north shore of Lake Superior - Pine Portage Lodge is a picturesque cottage colony in a secluded bay. All the cottages are constructed of upright logs with a variety of cottages to suite the various accommodation needs. The cottages are comfortably furnished with queen and single beds; all bedding and towels are provided, and changed as needed. All cottages have electric lights 24 hours a day, electric refrigeration, propane stove and 4 piece baths. American plan accommodations have daily housekeeping services and towel change. We have carefully chosen a lodge which has a full service dining room - and we have included a daily breakfast and dinner meal plan. We have chosen an outstanding lakeside location, so your guests can experience the quintessential Canadian wilderness experiences of exploring these lakes by Canoe and outboard equipped boat during their stay. Kaby Lake is a large fly in lake located approximately 70 miles north of Wawa, Ontario. The Lake is 25 miles in length and 13 miles wide, covering 30,802 acres and is the largest in the Algoma District. It boasts clear water, 147 islands, innumerable weed-beds, shoals & drop-offs, and provides great fishing for northern pike & walleyes throughout the season, as well as whitefish and perch.

The Drive-in Wilderness Lodge

The lodge is located an easy two hour drive from Sault Ste Marie and is located on two of its own lakes. This twin-lake location allows the lodge to be completely "off-grid" - as it is able to generate its own hydro-electric power from the difference in levels between these two lakes. A cascading gentle waterfall links the two lakes and guests can slide down part of these polished rocks and enjoy a refreshing swim. The lakes are stocked with superb speckled trout and there is an abundance of wildlife including Moose, Deer, Bear and Partridge. The emerald waterfall pool between the two lakes is a favourite with visitors who gently float down the smooth water covered rocks on tubes. This area is the heart of Algoma country with incredible views of forests and tree covered hills. It is also part of the "deer trail" - a circular driving route of this vast and wilderness region.

Touring the Great Lakes by Harley Davidson Motor Bike or Kawasaki

There are five exceptional biking routes around the Great Lakes of North America and we have packaged these with two types of motor bikes. The fabled Harley Davidson touring bikes are synonymous with long-distance touring in North America and we provide these for riding around Lake Ontario, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. In the Canadian northland around Lake Superior we provide the versatile KLR 650, an on-off road bike with plenty of capability for highway cruising as well as taking a gravel road into the wilderness. All routes are fully packaged with excellent accommodation and minute by minute road directions. We also offer an insurance program which covers the bikes and property damage.

Touring the Great Lakes on a Classic Motoring Holiday

Our five Great Lakes are essentially our "backyard" and we have traveled these highways and byways for the past thirty years, enjoying many circumnavigations of these fabulous inland seas. Because of our close proximity to the United States we have developed several routes which cross the border at several points, taking advantage of the best in both countries. Driving in Canada is quite different from Europe, the distances are quite vast, the sheer amount of non-developed countryside is something to behold and seeing this by car is an unparalleled way to enjoy our Great Lakes

Residential Equestrian holidays

These experience is for those clients who are accomplished riders, those who are occasional enthusiasts looking for an outdoor holiday or those just interested in a residential remote trail riding experience, The residential equestrian holidays are designed to satisfy both their curiosity and their passion for the sport. The ranches we work with are quite different in terms of geographic locations and the type of horses in which they specialize. One common thread is the enthusiasm of their owner-operator involvement in every aspect of the vacation. From start to finish all guests will be under the care of these enthusiasts and will often mingle with Canadian riders enjoying a similar experience.

Our ranch near Georgian Bay maintains an interesting herd of Iceland horses. In fact the ranch is a breeding center and a center-of-interest for the Iceland horse community in Canada. The ranch has its own lake where our float plans can easily land – nosing onto their soft sand beach at the foot of their main paddock. Accommodation is in a large three bedroom chalet on the farm property which is located between the main barn and the main paddock with views to the lake beyond. It is possible to reserve this equestrian holiday and prepare you own meals in the well equipped chalet kitchen, or a local chef will cater your meals each day. The region has many superb forested trails which link to the lakeside train at the foot of the main paddock.
Our Lake Huron ranch maintains an interesting variety of horses, which includes well known breeds such as Arabians, Percherons, Clydesdales and Quarter-horses – often mixing several breeds within a group of riders out on the trail at the same time. They offer a "soft adventure" experience at their "outpost" log-cabin wilderness camp, on its own secluded lake which can come with its own cook. The camp is located on a magnificent unpopulated lake where we can easily land our floatplanes. Note for intrepids: The outpost camp currently has running water and an outside bathroom. *You determine what the cook prepares and pay directly for the shopping list.

Tall Ships in the 1000 Islands (7 nights)

This is a unique opportunity to sail aboard and participate as part of the crew on a purpose built tall-ship on the Great Lakes of North America. To make this possible we have chosen a very special type of vessel called a "brigantine" - which comes from the Italian word "brigantino" which means pirate ! Our brigantine is 72 feet long, 15 feet in the beam and has a sea draft of 8 feet.

She carries a sail area of about 2300 square feet and she is a two masted "square rigger". Under sail with a fair wind blowing, she looks every inch the romantic vessel she is.

Our tall ship will be located in fabled 1000 Islands where she will operate four - one week sail vacation-courses. Amenities include a communal dining room, single bunks in a dormitory style area, deckhouse, open deck for working crew and for just relaxing.

A typical tall ship day will commence with a hearty breakfast, after which sails will be hoisted and a leg of this journey will be undertaken. We plan to sail as often as possible and wherever possible, but nature being what it is, we are fully prepared to use our engine when necessary. Most days will end about 15:00 when we will either go to an anchorage or pull alongside one of the many picturesque communities in this region. All meals are included but given the potential to explore these communities, guests may elect to eat onshore from time to time.

For prices please email or telephone (01892) 779900