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Ranch & Activity Holidays

Working closely with leading Ranch Specialists American Round-Up, an independently owned and family run tour operator, we are delighted to present a selection of some of our favourite ranches suitable for novice or experienced horse riders looking for an exhilarating adventure.

From the wide open space of Wyoming and Montana, to the snow topped mountains of Colorado and the prickly deserts of Arizona, there are over 70 individually inspected Ranches throughout America and Canada to choose from in this exciting programme. Therefore, if you can't immediately see what you are looking for on this page please let us know so we can recommend the right choice for you.

With four categories of Ranch to choose from offering accommodation ranging from moderate to luxury, they are specially selected for both riders and non riders and welcome Singles, couples, families and women only.

Their expertise helps us to match you to the ranch that best suits your needs and expectations along with your riding ability, giving you the best value for money.

Choosing Your Ranch Style


Working ranches raise livestock and crops but guests have become a major part of the operation. Guests can become real cowboys, learning to drive cattle, brand and rope steers, eating round a camp fire and sleeping under the stars. What you get to do may depend on what's going on at the time, you're not required to work but can help if you wish and learn a lot in the process.


Guest Ranches are designed primarily to care for guests and horses are often only livestock. Riding is emphasised but other Western activities are available on an informal basis. The Ranch is a home, and is shared with guests who relax together in a very warm and personal way that is rarely available to visitors on the usual hectic fly-drive itinerary.


Dude Ranches while riding is a big thing, dude ranches are geared to catering for a wide variety of interests and are ideal for those who want a "something-doing-all-the-time" vacation. A full weekly programme of Western activities is usually included in your holiday price - such as Wild West Shows, rodeo visits, square dances, barbecues and a host of sports and outdoor activities.


Luxury Resort Ranches offer the Western experience but also emphasize other activities such as golf, tennis and ballooning. Accommodations tend to be more luxurious than other ranches, and are very individual.

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